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30 July 2008 @ 12:50 am
Today I experienced my first near miss of what could have been a disasterous earthquake. It was so sudden and unexpected, but I'm glad that I didn't panic when it happened. I did what I was drilled to do since elementary school, get under a desk and duck for cover. So I think I may be able to think logically during a crisis after all. I know I was asking for something different in life, but I totally didn't expect something like this to occur.

And for updates about the program..
I'm starting to like it less and less because of the huge lack of organization. And also, one of our interns told us that he'd be there to help us whenever we need it, but I believe that was a false promise. We've asked him a few times to aid us in the financial section of our plan, but he has not fallen through and now we can't make deadlines. I'm disappointed with a lot of things that SBI offered. I thought it'd be much more. That's why I stopped trying since the beginning. I don't have motivation to work anymore, but I continue to do so anyway, one last effort with the business plan and presentation. Anything else I don't care for. This will be my experience and I believe I will not regret it.

Also, what happens at school regularly also happens here. The cliques, the groups..We were supposed to be a "family", but I don't see any family at all. People being close with the inner people and those of us who try to get in are pushed aside, our efforts wasted. I find out that people who looked approachable are not very helpful at all when they say they are. Lies. Lies. Lies. Why are people this way? I really don't know.

Purity is lost in the world.
24 July 2008 @ 11:10 pm
Well, I haven't blogged in a long long while. Lots of things have happened since then.
Okay, I just checked. It's been 22 days since I posted. Three weeks and a day.

I've made new friends at the place, ones who share my interests and everything so it's pretty cool. The girls like 동방신기 like I do and there are a few 오빠들! Though I don't really call them 오빠 though. I've made a lot of great new experiences and I think I'm starting to change again. All thanks to the motivational speakers and the people I've met. Mostly the speakers. Talking about dreaming big and getting out of your comfort zone to do.

I know for sure that this year I'm gonna have to get my butt off of the computer chair and get to doing things and going places. Definitely joining Kiwins, Mock Trial and FBLA. I've thought of joining, and now I'm gonna go out and do it. Plus, I can see Jasmine and Chris while I'm at it too.

I think I'm gonna have things planned out this coming school year. Definitely for myself as a person and as prospective to get myself into UCLA since I found out through an acquaintance of my mom's that her daughter got a full ride scholarship to Brown, one of the Ivy Leagues. Now for me to do the same, I gotta start busting my butt off and get to networking and WORKING in general. I really gotta send those emails out tomorrow to Nikki and Karol. It's who you know, not what you know.

I've learned so much in these few weeks. I'm not really following the curriculum as I should since I've given up on it, but I'll work on it on my own time. Only thing to do now is to just keep going at it. We visited UCLA today for Beyond ABL.It's pretty big and nice looking. Heard professional speak as always. Was in a breakout session with a lawyer from a big lawyer firm. I actually stayed awake the entire time. So that was good.

I think I want to start some kind of business at this age. I've had the drive for awhile, just not the starting capital to initiate it. One day I'll be able to get funding for it. For now I'll just have to stick with finding a job and try to save.

I lost my train of thought..I was going to write more, but I forgot what I was supposed to write since I keep going back and forth between tabs to look at stuff and chatting. So I guess I'll stop here for now.

Oh I got a laptop, a haircut and contact lenses. Now I need to get rid of the acne on my face. Grrr
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06 July 2008 @ 08:56 pm
Hi peoples!
This will be my first ever post - okay, so it's not my first ever post on Livejournal, but it will be my first post on my own Livejournal blog thing. Since I made that wallie of Micky, I've gone to the SBI thing and so far, I have to say it's not living up to its hype yet. The instructor is knowledgeable, but he can't teach. And the interns..it'd be nice if they could email us if we're gone or something since they should have our emails for updates while we're gone. I know nothing about the important stuff we learned on Friday and my team members and such. So annoying.

Plus, Diana and I have been getting up early to catch two buses to get to Cal State Fullerton. We get so tired at the end of the day. We end up watching the clock ever so often too. We've even thought of quitting because it was so tiring and not worth it, but we're gonna still give it a try until we die.

AX...First two days were pretty good. Half of the third day was good. The other half was just miserable. I don't want to think about it again. It wasn't good. Last day was okay. Good way to end the day. Vu's funny, heehee. He's a great adult, teeheehee. Hello Kitty credit card..HAHAHAHAHA.

So tired...
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27 June 2008 @ 12:15 am
Finally, my first post on LJ ever since I first made it when Nhan wanted me to make one and join a community.

Unfortunately it's midnight and I can't say as much as I want to. I've been working on my wa-loli cosplay for the past few weeks. Should be working on it now, but my sister took over the sewing machine, so I can't really do much. Can't wait for AX!

So far since summer started, I've finished a drama and following one with Lee Jun Ki in it, the inspiration for my avie. He looks so cute in Iljimae! Jawline is to die for, teehee. Three Moms and A Dad was better than I expected. Eugene's a pretty good actress I must say. Jae Hee was awesome and the other two guys were pretty good. Especially the guy who played Kyung Tae.

Following Iljimae now with Lee Jun Ki and Han Hyo Joo in it. A historical drama, but similiar to Hong Gil Dong so it's lots of fun. I'm gonna start following Gourmet once it comes out with Eng. subs. Kim Jung Hwa, Kim Rae Won and Nam Sang Mi!!! Great cast <3

Now off to kick Diana off the sewing machine..I'm gonna have the layout done sometime soon. Getting back to making graphics these days thanks to Linda.
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